Favourite Rice Paddies in Bali

Those who know me are familiar with my love for rice paddies. The vivid greenery against a blue sky is so soothing to my edgy, city-dweller's soul. 

Looooove this view  

Looooove this view  

It turns out that you don't need to go all the way to Tegalalang or Jatiluwih to enjoy some truly spectacular rice paddies. I made a map of beautiful rice paddies in Bali which I've seen, either from a cafe or hotel, or by passing through on foot or scooter.

If you're visiting Bali, I hope you get to enjoy the rice paddies too.

What do you want to communicate?

Written communication with subject complexity or language barriers can complicate a reply. For example, have you ever received an email where the sender's discussion points were convoluted? You understand the questions/discussion points but the reply you're drafting is unstructured and all over the place.

Stop and ask yourself, what do you want to communicate? Consider what your reply says:

  1. Expressly
  2. Implicitly

This is a forcing mechanism to:

  1. Be aware of what you want to communicate
  2. Reduce ambiguity by looking at what you're implying, and clarifying accordingly


Guerilla Testing in Singapore

At ZALORA, we take an iterative, rapid prototyping approach to designing features. By minimising the time spent between designing a feature and getting it into the hands of real people for testing, we create better designs in less time.

Usability testing is a crucial part of this process because it validates our hypotheses about a design.

In case you’re not familiar with the term, guerilla testing is impromptu usability testing with strangers. User recruitment is literally walking up to strangers on the street and asking them to test your product. If we don’t have the luxury of time to recruit neatly segmented customers to test with, we go outside to conduct guerilla testing.

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