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I design effective, evidence-based solutions, aligning user needs and business objectives. Blending marketing, I optimise opportunities for user acquisition, activation, and retention. Combining skills from my past careers in law, accounting, and marketing, I bring a unique perspective to problem solving. 

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My story so far

I was born in Singapore and raised in Malaysia. I attended international schools, and completed two university degrees in the United Kingdom. My exposure to a multi-cultural society since young has given me a global mindset.

Returning to Singapore in 2008, I explored different careers, starting with law and accounting. Seeking a role where I could make business decisions, I became a regional marketing manager for a Fortune 500 company.

I decided to move into user experience design because I didn't want to remain a consumer forever. I wanted to shape products and services that will make a difference in people's lives. 

I successfully completed the General Assembly User Experience Design Immersive course in April 2016. Now I utilise my user experience design skills to create usable, useful, and lovable experiences for people.

In my free time...

I enjoy growing plants from seeds, solving escape rooms, and exploring the world. On weekend afternoons you'll find me playing RISK and other strategy board games.

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